22 Nov 2009

Wormer, mon amour

Never been to Wormer – a town located thirteen kilometres up north Amsterdam – but I definitely would like to. Why? Easy, because it had one of the most interesting scenes back in the day. Curious to know what was to be part of Wormer? Then, please read this.

The Ex – Money (1980)

Zowiso – Live @ Oktopus

De Groeten – Live @ Oktopus

Svatsox – Unplugged @ Oktopus (1984)

Villa Zuid was the “homebase of punkbands the Ex and Svätsox” and it was “squatted in August 1981. In the big garden next to the villa they organised every year a big party to celebrate this.”

Recommended listenings:

If you want to know more about Wormer bands, please click here for a complete discography, and here for another article – although it's in French only.

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