16 Nov 2009

How minimal can you get? #5

Beat Happening
“Here's my Beat Happening story. One day, spring of 1985 (I think), an Australian kid name of David Nichols showed up on my doorstep in Willesden Green clutching three records; seven-inch singles by Venom P. Stinger and Rabbit's Wedding, and the first Beat Happening album (the one with the cat on a rocket ship on a yellow background). He was on his way back home to Melbourne from Olympia, and had a 24-hour stopover in London, and had been given three addresses to try. So I invited him in, made a cup of tea, and stayed to chat a while. After he left, I figured I may as well listen to the record with the cat and I couldn't get past Heather's voice on 'Foggy Eyes', first song on. It brought tears to my ears. Stopped me dead. Killed me. A few days later, I called in to Rough Trade – Karen who worked there was just about the only PR who gave me free stuff back then, so I thought I'd repay favour by playing her the Beat Happening LP, too. She loved it too – and so did Geoff Travis, who later ended up releasing the trio's second album in the UK. Man, that felt good.” The Legend!

Beat Happening – Cry For A Shadow (1992)

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