14 Oct 2007


“The Glueams were one of the first Punkbands from Bern. Reaching their peak in 1979, releasing two singles and recording the third and last one in the same year.” Swiss Punk

Glueams – Strassen

6 Oct 2007

Shit S.A.

Shit S.A. were a group from Barcelona. They started out in the early 80s, being one of the first local punk bands. The band managed to appear in international compilations like P.E.A.C.E./War from the States and Life is a joke from Germany.

Shit S.A. poster
“We are not interested in attracting an audience by our ideas or our image, just by our noise.” Shit S.A. (N.D.F. special issue, 1984)

Shit S.A. – Abortos
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5 Oct 2007


Nomeansno – Rich guns

“Not knowing any guitar players at the time who were into what we were doing, Rob decided the only way we would be able to play our own music live would be as a two-piece, drums and bass. At the time it seemed like such a risky and potentially embarrassing thing to do, but I reluctantly agreed. Rob then proceeded to write songs specifically for that arrangement. This ultimately became our trademark – we could be different without really trying. We had no name, but Rob spotted the anti-rape slogan ‘no means no’ spraypainted on a garage somewhere in Vancouver and thought ‘that's the name for us’. Now with a name and a live set, it was time to join the fray, put something out and get in on a local gig.” John Wright