22 Mar 2009


Narthex was a DIY/Punk duo from Philly formed by guitarist Mike Ace and drummer Dean Sabatino (better known as Dean Clean), who later went to play with the Dead Milkmen.

 Narthex (Mike & Dean)

If nothing else, we at least picked up the DIY inspiration and passed it along to a few more people, who have stories of their own to tell. We were all part of a unique episode in musical/cultural history. Rather than leaving it to the distortions of critics and corporations, those of us who participated should all be sharing our first-hand accounts. There's a million stories out there in the eternal city of vans and station wagons, soundchecks and set lists, beer puddles and all-night diners, tedious time-killing and those fleetingly fantastic moments onstage. Hopefully, everyone's story will be told and preserved somewhere out here in the digital stew. Mike Ace

Narthex – Frustration [Recorded in Narthex basement practise space, 1980–83]

18 Mar 2009

Wurm Baby

Wurm Baby @ the 12th St. practice space (DC, 1983)

Our first Wurm Baby show was a Muscular Dystrophy dance. Don said, 'How many people are dancing for handicapped children?' Everybody cheered. 'And how many people are here to win a trip to Florida?' They said we were makig handicapped jokes so they pulled the plug. But we weren't. Joey Aronstamn (Banned in DC)

Wurm Baby later morphed into Grand Mal. Please, don't hesitate to have a look at Malcom Riviera's website (Wurm Baby's guitarist).

14 Mar 2009

Punk aversion Pt. I

Do you wear a leather jacket? Do you like tattoos? Do you like pierciengs? Don't you miss any punk/hc show? Are you part of the local scene? No? Really? And you don't give a fuck about all those things? Then please be welcome, and let me tell you I am so happy to meet you.

California Punks – Culturcide

Mohawk Man – Mr. Epp

Punker – No Trend

Punk (Aversion II) – The Ex

How Much Longer – Alternative TV