15 Nov 2009

How minimal can you get? #3

Tandstickorshocks “were part of the Rondos/Red Rock scene, but while their 'big brother band' often played pretty catchy, fast songs, Tandstickorshocks's music is totally hook-and-chorus-free. Though they sound like they're just starting to learn to play, the playing is precise and to-the-point. It's not 'energetic' or even aggressive in the usual punk way. In places, the music reminds me of stuff like early Minutemen, Teenage Jesus, Red Krayola and early Scritti Politti, but the difference is those bands (and the Rondos, too) came from an art background, while Tandstickorshocks were genuinely young working class kids.“ Niels

Tandstickorshocks – Tradition

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