31 Jan 2018

Don't mess with MES

Tribute to the Hip Priest
Marc Riley Jumper Clown 7” (In Tape, 1983)

Marc Riley – Jumper Clown

VA The Disparate Cogscienti LP (Cog Sinister, 1988)

The Hamsters – Stupid Songs
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John The Postman Puerile 12” (Bent Records, 1978)

John The Postman – Louie Louie

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29 Jan 2018

This Sporting Life

This Sporting Life – Point To Point (Live @ the Rumba Bar, 1982)

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Tedium Medium #3

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7 Jan 2018


Live (italy, 1982)
Torino's finest.


“Track 2 side one is jaw-dropping Opus-style DIY-crunch punk with Kriminella Gitarrer-guitar breaks. I can't believe this isn't a hotly pursued record by herd-following punk rock turd-swallowers round the globe. Fantastic slop-o-rama-lama-fa-fa-fa production too.” Johan Kugelberg

Skabb Skabb-78 7” (Mistlur, 1978)

Skabb – Tro Inte Dina Ögon
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Skabb - Ni Klarar Er Alltid Ändå (Live, Oasen 1978)