Nov 7, 2017

Tedium Medium #1

New show playing international DIY Music from (roughly) 1977–1987.

Tune in at No Fun Radio!

Oct 25, 2017

Right time, wrong speed

Tribute to John Peel
Anorexia Rapist In The Park 7” (Slim Records,  1980)

Anorexia – Pets
Get it here or here.

Big View August Grass 7” (Point Records, 1982)

Big View – August Grass

Performing Ferret Band ‎Performing Ferret Band LP (Pig Productions, 1981)

Performing Ferret Band – Nudes

Sporten Är Död ‎Sporten Är Död Tape (1981)

Sporten Är Död – John Peel

John Peel about Extreme Noise Terror (Suffolk, 1989)

Teenage dreams so hard to beat.

Jul 1, 2016

Sex is not compulsory

Alternative TV ‎Life / Love Lies Limp 7" (Deptford Fun City Records, 1978)
Alternative TV – Love Lies Limp

One Gang Logic ‎Alienate 7" (Stark Products, 1979)

One Gang Logic – Who Killed Sex?

Partly Cloudy Excess Verbiage LP (Forecast Records, 1986)

Partly Cloudy – Fucked

Jun 26, 2016

English scheme

UK Decay ‎Split with Pneumania 7" (Plastic Records, 1979)

UK Decay – UK Decay

Clockwork Criminals ‎Young And Bold 7" (Ace Records, 1982)

Clockwork Criminals – No Future UK
More info here.

Kilgore Trout ‎Stick It In The Bank Man 12" (Hits $ Corruption, 1986)

Kilgore Trout ‎– English Never Listen

Jun 18, 2016

Bedroom pop gems

Vain Aims You 7" (We Practise In A Garage Records, 1980)

Vain Aims – Count

The Portage Thirteen; Thirteen 12" (Valis, 1989)

The Portage – Sin
Get it here.

VA Dennis Tape (Greenwich Performance Collective, 1984)

Climbing Frames – The Pick Up
Get it here.
Endless thanks to J at rhythm plague for being a constant source of inspiration. Hats off!