Jan 8, 2018


Live (italy, 1982)
Torino's finest.


“Track 2 side one is jaw-dropping Opus-style DIY-crunch punk with Kriminella Gitarrer-guitar breaks. I can't believe this isn't a hotly pursued record by herd-following punk rock turd-swallowers round the globe. Fantastic slop-o-rama-lama-fa-fa-fa production too.” Johan Kugelberg

Skabb Skabb-78 7” (Mistlur, 1978)

Skabb – Tro Inte Dina Ögon
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Skabb - Ni Klarar Er Alltid Ändå (Live, Oasen 1978)

D.I.Y. not D.R.I.

Stark Raving Mad ‎Stark Raving Mad 12” (Slob Records, 1984)

Stark Raving Mad – Capitalist Cunts
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Electro Hippies ‎The Only Good Punk… Is A Dead One LP (Peaceville, 1988)

Electro Hippies – D.I.Y. (Not D.R.I.)

Sore Throat ‎Death To Capitalist Hardcore EP (Acid Rain Records, 1988)

Sore Throat – D.R.I. (E.M.I.)

Hardcore perversion

The Indian Feast Portrait Of A Sister LP (Helvete Underground Records, 1985)

The Indian Feast – We Must Bleed
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Bean Church Men’s Suits/Men’s Sluts Cassette (Angel Trümpet Tapes And Stuff, 1984)

Bean Church – Rise Above

Max Kohanim Dye Kruzin EP (Nice Music, 2016)
Max Kohanim – I Don't Belong Here

On the Poverty of Student Life

“Don't let schooling interfere with your education.” Mark Twain

“Once upon a time the universities had a certain prestige; the student persists in the belief that he is lucky to be there. But he came too late. His mechanical, specialized education is as profoundly degraded (in comparison to the former level of general bourgeois culture) as his own intellectual level, because the modern economic system requires a mass production of uneducated students who have been rendered incapable of thinking. The university has become an institutional organization of ignorance. “High culture” is being degraded in the assembly-line production of professors, all of whom are cretins and most of whom would be jeered by any audience of highschoolers. But the student, in his mental menopause, is unaware of all this; he continues to listen respectfully to his masters, conscientiously suppressing all critical spirit so as to immerse himself in the mystical illusion of being a “student” — someone seriously devoted to learning serious things — in the hope that his professors will ultimately impart to him the ultimate truths of the world. The future revolutionary society will condemn all the noise of the lecture halls and classrooms as nothing but verbal pollution. The student is already a very bad joke.” Mustapha Omar Khayati

The Now Here Come The Now LP (Last Year's Youth Records, 2003)
The Now – You Student

The Fall Middle Class Revolt LP (Permanent Records, 1994)
The Fall – Hey! Student

Yeah Yeah Noh The Cottage Industry EP (In Tape, 1984)

Yeah Yeah Noh – Tommy Opposite

* * *

For further reading, please check out On the Poverty of Student Life Considered in Its Economic, Political, Psychological, Sexual, and Especially Intellectual Aspects, With a Modest Proposal for Doing Away With It by members of the Situationist International and students of Strasbourg University (1966).