15 Nov 2009

How minimal can you get? #4

Puritan Guitars
“Cardiff '80: Scritti Politti were the first band to print their manufacturing costs and supplier information on their record-sleeve… and this helpful gesture immediately touched off a widespread competition to show who could make their record out the cheapest. Indeed, an entire generation of bands were more likely to list their production costs than the band-members' names. So when later (and, naturally, anonymous) Cardiffians Puritan Guitars came out with '£100 in 15 minutes' b/w 'Making It' it was widely [mis]understood that they were singing/boasting about their manufacturing costs. (…) In truth, however, the £100 was the sum that Rough Trade had spent on an 'open bar' to celebrate the final gig of the Raincoats tour – which 'the assembled radical DIY types drank up in 15 minutes'.” Chuck Warner

Puritan Guitars – £100 in 15 minutes

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