28 Aug 2008

Cars Are Coffins – Compilation

Three Car Jam – Minutemen [Intro]
Let's Build A Car – Swell Maps
In A Car – Meat Puppets
I Live In A Car – UK Subs
Car – Frantix
Human Car – The Ex
Fast Car – Androids of Mu
Frat Cars – Big Boys
Car Crash – The Avengers
Car Crash Blues – Animals & Men
Car Crash – UK Decay
No Car – Nuclear Crayons
Camus' Car Crash – Leslie Singer [Outro]

Get it here.

Crash! (Harley Cokliss, 1971)

19 Aug 2008

The Clocks

“The Clocks struck first in late 1979 following the breakup of three bands that were part of Cleveland's 'second wave' of underground rockers. Ex-members of the Pagans, Chronics, and Bernie & the Invisibles got together in an attic studio in Ohio City to record what was to be a one off single. The A-side, inspired by sci-fi author Harlan Ellison, was entitled 'Ticktockman' hence the band's name. A chemistry developed between the participants, after all, they shared a mutual fondness for chemicals, and a working band was soon formed. Soundwise, they blended several vintage musical forms that had been currently revived via the new wave.” ClePunk

The Clocks promo shot

“Some Pagans members formed the Clocks, more art wave oriented. This romantic track is from their only single, from 1980. They also appear on the Cleveland Confidential 7".” The Ripper

The Clocks – Confidentially Renee

5 Aug 2008

Cats For Dinner

“'Hot and Wired' must have sounded especially time-warpt in 1983. But if you're in the right mood, it's a jewel of a musical history-lesson, with everything from prog-wave guitar-chops and Velvet Monkeys keyboard-torture to the best of No Wave groove and swing…” Chuck Warner (Hyped to Death)

Cats For Dinner – Hot And Wired

By the way, they have myspace now, and it seems they're back again. Wow!

4 Aug 2008

Algebra Suicide

Algebra Suicide – Little Dead Bodies