26 Jun 2016

English scheme

UK Decay ‎Split with Pneumania 7" (Plastic Records, 1979)

UK Decay – UK Decay

Clockwork Criminals ‎Young And Bold 7" (Ace Records, 1982)

Clockwork Criminals – No Future UK
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Kilgore Trout ‎Stick It In The Bank Man 12" (Hits $ Corruption, 1986)

Kilgore Trout ‎– English Never Listen

18 Jun 2016

Bedroom pop gems

Vain Aims You 7" (We Practise In A Garage Records, 1980)

Vain Aims – Count

The Portage Thirteen; Thirteen 12" (Valis, 1989)

The Portage – Sin
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VA Dennis Tape (Greenwich Performance Collective, 1984)

Climbing Frames – The Pick Up
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Endless thanks to J at rhythm plague for being a constant source of inspiration. Hats off!

Fear of a gay planet

Eton Crop Gay Boys On The Battlefield 12" (Bigger Bank Balance Records,

Eton Crop – Gay Boys On The Battlefield
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Foams Gay Boys 7" (Pet Me Quick Records, 1981)

Foams – Gay Boys

Academy 23 Relationships LP (Thinking Time Records, 1992)

Academy 23 – Forbidden Love

Kiss ass to your peer group

Lärm No One Can Be That Dumb EP (1986)

Lärm – Non-Conformity

Neos Hassibah Gets The Martian Brain Squeeze EP (Alandhiscar Records, ‎1982)

Neos – Just Like All The Rest
Get it here. You can read the lyrics here.

Urban Waste ‎Urban Waste EP (Mob-Style Records, 1983)
Urban Waste – Public Opinion
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9 Jun 2016

Gimme some sludge

The Prefects Going Through The Motions 7" (Rough Trade / Vindaloo Records, 1979)
The Prefects – Going Through The Motions
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The Sickness Caution 7" (Stinky Bike, 1981)

The Sickness – Corpsemonger

VA Flowers From The Dustbin LP (Aberrant Records, 1983)

Box Of Fish – The Good, The Bad, The Ugly
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