11 Sep 2007

No Cover

“No Cover were never a popular band – not even with the few friends we had!” Mark Dobson

“We were never a true Punk band but believed in the Punk ethos and we are proud to admit that our single was recorded 5 years to the day after the Television Personalities recorded their anthem ‘Part Time Punks’.” Steve Pearn

No Cover: Mick Cook, Frank “Neville” Worthington, Mark Dobson, Steve “Agar” Pearn
“We didn't get many sleeves done – there wasn't any need – no one wanted to buy the single. Over half the unsold copies were stored at my mum's house until the 1990's when she threw them all out during a ‘spring clean’!” Mark Dobson

“Gigs – we never played anywhere famous or with anyone famous – when we started we couldn't get gigs because we were all too young – by the end we couldn't get gigs because of our reputation…” Mark Dobson

No Cover, 1982
“At that time the only audiences up here were Skinhead/Thrash-Punk – and they hated us! We used to wind them up and it invariably ended in violence! It got to the point that we were scared of going on stage in case we got beat up!” Mark Dobson

“And that was No Cover – the one thing we took seriously was vandalism. We would paint ‘No Cover’ on a bus shelter in emulsion one night and go back the next to go over it in gloss! Musically we were shite but our graffiti stood the test of time – some of it is still there 18 years on!” Mark Dobson 

No Cover – 200 Voices

No Cover – Seen Too Much

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