30 Nov 2010

Kleenex Pt. III

LiLiPUT – Turk / Split live

How minimal can you get? #28

Precision Bearings – Precision Bearings EP (1981)
This was the first release by Fowl Records – the same record label that put out vinyls by Urban Assault, Verbal Abuse and the Fuck-Ups. Yes, it's hard to believe now but there was a time when Hardcore, avant garde and experimental music were hand in hand.

Precision Bearings – Don't Fall Down
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Guerrilla gigs Pt. I: Live from a car park

Kilgore Trout – Cataract Jack / English Never Listen (Nottingham, 1987)

The Membranes – Shot By Own Gun (Nottingham, 1987)

Our record label could be your life #1

Ron Johnson Records
“Ron Johnson Records was an UK independent record label based in Long Eaton operating between 1983 and 1988. The label contributed five tracks to the NME's C86 compilation.Run by Dave Parsons, the label released records by artists such as Big Flame, The Shrubs, A Witness, The Great Leap Forward, Stump, The Mackenzies, Twang and The Ex. Despite the press attention and critical acclaim for the label's bands and releases, sales were insufficient to make the label profitable and financial difficulties brought it to an end in 1988.” Wikipedia

The first three releases were:

#1: Splat! – Yeah The Dum Dum 7" EP (1983)

#2: Splat! – Bloom 12" EP (1984)

#3: Big Flame – Rigour 7" EP (1985)

Splat! – Yeah… The Dum Dum

Splat! – A Foolish Crawl
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Big Flame – Man Of Few Syllables (Live in Plymouth, 1985)

More info: Ron Johnson Records – An appreciation