31 May 2008

Thrash Dumbos

Thrash Dumbos – D.U.I. documentary (Charles Montgomery "Spike" Stewart, 1987)

This is why I am in love with Youtube. If you have some info or know something about Thrash Dumbos, please let's get in touch.

20 May 2008

Fifth Column

Fifth Column – Like This (Bruce LaBruce & Fifth Column, 1990)

“We really believe that almost anyone can be in Fifth Column, and even if they weren't really musicians but had a passion for music and a sense of rhythm or something. So we always got people who played heart and soul all their lives as little kids, and then basically we would, like, reinvent music with people who were conventionally unmusical.” Caroline Azar

2 May 2008

Utreg Punx

Utreg Punx (Peter Daniëls & Buffel, 1992)

Why Utreg had so many great bands back in the day would be a really good theme to investigate and talk about. Melig stad? Nr!