5 Dec 2009

Sarcastic Orgasm

“Sarcastic Orgasm was formed by Scott M. Phillips and John A. Hoppe, childhood friends from the great state of New Jersey. They started writing songs together in 1984 before being forced to leave Kent State University for shameful crimes against man and property. Sarcastic Orgasm came to the Washington D.C. area in 1985 and settled into a dusted out crack riddled northwest neighborhood rowhouse which was shared with friends and members of the band Christ On A Crutch. The two bands lived and rehearsed there without heat in a filthy delusional harmony, protected by exterior/interior motes of broken glass, razor wire, plastic gallon piss jugs and an army of partially trained rodents. Police visits for noise and odor complaints were common. Bass players and drummers came and went. Some lasted for a year or more. Others for one show. DC Space, Back Alley, Botswana, Rock Against Reagan, and 9:30 Club, were a few of the venues played in DC with bands such as Pussy Galore, Fugazi, Southern Culture On The Skids, Karen Black, Beefeater, God Is My Co Pilot, etc. Sarcastic Orgasm recorded a self titled 45rpm EP vinyl record and various other unreleased/lost recordings until disbanding in 1992 after moving to NYC.” Sarcastic Orgasm

Sarcastic Orgasm – Why? Because I Said So!
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