28 Aug 2008

Cars Are Coffins – Compilation

Three Car Jam – Minutemen [Intro]
Let's Build A Car – Swell Maps
In A Car – Meat Puppets
I Live In A Car – UK Subs
Car – Frantix
Human Car – The Ex
Fast Car – Androids of Mu
Frat Cars – Big Boys
Car Crash – The Avengers
Car Crash Blues – Animals & Men
Car Crash – UK Decay
No Car – Nuclear Crayons
Camus' Car Crash – Leslie Singer [Outro]

Get it here.

Crash! (Harley Cokliss, 1971)


Timmybear said...

Cars Crash by the Fast (featuring a cameo by Jayne County)

Timmybear said...

And, gee, I have both TO SIR WITH HATE and IN EXCELSIOR DAYGLO in my collection (in re the requests thing on the side bar).

jove moix said...

hi timmybear,

wow, thanks for that song, didn't know it!

and double wow, do you have both records? so great! wish i could listen to them... any chance?
if so, you would make me really really happy :)

best wishes!
and great to see you do lots of zines, that's so inspiring!

Tim E Bear said...

I will get to work on facilitating that listening experience - now that a friend in Russia, of all places, has finally twigged me as to how to make files of records, I can do that... :)

I could also, for that matter, make an MP3 of the Fast song (which is on a compilation of the band's output on Munster Records out of Spain).

jove moix said...

wow! that would be smashing! but take it easy and do it when you want :)

uoops, yes, that's true! in fact, i've seen that album in the records store i usually go.

but yes, it would be great, and then i would add it to the list!

Tim E Bear said...

Do you have the Boy/Girl b/w Legionaires and M. Beauchamp single by Fifth Column as well? If not, I could do that too.

It may be a bit, though, as I've finally actually hauled my turntable away from my computer and hooked it up to my stereo again, having finally completed a forensic housecleaning and freed up space for it again. It's not a great effort to just bring it back to the computer, but maybe in a week or two.

jove moix said...

hi again!

wow, no, but to hear that single would be smashing as well! and, now that we are talking about it, what about the urban scorch compilation? that would be double smashing!!
oh, but please, take it easy and just do it if you want and have time. no compromise at all :)

best wishes and thanks for being soooo kind!

Timmybear said...

Actually, the guy who put out urban scorch on cassette back in 1981 allegedly reissued it...on cassette...or so he keeps promising one to me. I'll have to poke him again (would like to, anyway ;) ).

He's in Kids on TV now, and used to be in a band called Mr Tim or the like (gotta love that :) ).

I'm actually working on both the Fifth Column stuff and the Christmas now. :)

Tim E Bear said...

Here's a blog you might like - part one of three. :)


Tim E Bear said...

Of course, now that I see you're in Barcelona, it makes sense you'd see that Fast compilation. It's on Munster. :)

Tim E Bear said...

I have the BOY/GIRL 3 song 7" by Fifth Column up on my blog at www.datimster.blogspot.com .

I also have Side 1 and Side 2 of TO SIR WITH HATE by them up, in separate posts there.

IN EXCELSIOR DAYGLO by Christmas to follow... :)

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