5 Aug 2008

Cats For Dinner

“'Hot and Wired' must have sounded especially time-warpt in 1983. But if you're in the right mood, it's a jewel of a musical history-lesson, with everything from prog-wave guitar-chops and Velvet Monkeys keyboard-torture to the best of No Wave groove and swing…” Chuck Warner (Hyped to Death)

Cats For Dinner – Hot And Wired

By the way, they have myspace now, and it seems they're back again. Wow!


SoulWhat said...

OMFG! Where did you get this copy of Hot and Wired? Would you happen to have any of the other songs we recorded?

I was the original drummer for Cats for Dinner but unexpectedly had to leave to go to Berlin in 1983. I had a cassette copy at one time but that long ago faded away.

I am stunned that it still exits!

But it is absolutely great that you enjoyed the song. And yes it has always been a bit of an earwig :-)


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the article and drummer contact...how about seting up a show.
Old DC New Wave, Press, etc?

onechord said...

SoulWhat: So great to receive a comment by CFD original drummer! I just sent you an email.

Anonymous: Cats For Dinner also have a myspace site. Just check it out. And seting up a show would be terrific! :)

Best wishes to both of you,