21 Sep 2008

The Nightblooms

The Nightblooms – One weak moment


Music_an said...

i love this band!!! remember them from John Peel; desperately after ANYTHING from them.
cheers - darek/poland

jove moix said...

hi darek!
thanks for your kind words :)
so happy to see you like the nightblooms. to be honest, i discovered them not so many time ago, but knowing that their early band was three clouds in the sky, how could one go wrong?
desperately looking for their first single!

all the best,

Nathan Nothin said...

Hey Jove,
where you going with that gun in your hand (bad paraphrase from "Hey Joe")?

Nathan Nothin' here. I was just going through my old posts checking for comments & saw your great remarks. Glad you liked The Sterilles. I added your blog to my links, hope you're kool with that.

I'll check out your blog some more when I have more time later this week, & again, merci.