4 Sep 2011

Cassandra's Ears

Dunedin was surely safer than many places in the country to be 'different'. (It still is.) It was also prime garage band turf, with the Dunedin Sound syndrome testament to that fact. Things could be tried out in (relative) safety, so even though they were not locals – not part of the Dunedin Sound scene per se – this was the perfect location for Aucklander Jan Hellriegel and her friends Venessa Anich, Felicity Rhind, Sarah Macnab and Meaghan Millar to form the next ground-breaking all-woman band. In doing so, they carved out for themselves a small but vital place within the rich and varied history of New Zealand rock music. Ian Chapman

Cassandra's Ears
It's any teenagers dream to be in a band. We will be rock stars and we'll be on the road together – forever. And for a time the dream is very real. We are five girls in various groupings, we travel up an down the country for five years. We record our tunes and grow into our 20s knowing the joy and challenge of collaboration. Life long friendships are firmly established and our creativity fed and honoured. In 1989 we play our last gig at the Powerstation and the dream comes to an end. We part ways and it's very sad but we are all the richer for our experiences together. Felicity Morgan-Rhind

Cassandra's Ears flyer
We toured the country countless times in an old Bedford van with a couple of cushions thrown in the back, played loads of orientation shows, got thrown off stage on occasion, released a five-track LP and a three-track EP, and apart from a $500 grant from the Ministry of Women's affairs we did this under our own steam. Jan Hellriegel

Cassandras Ears Private Wasteland 12" (Jayrem Records, 1988)

Cassandra's Ears – My Command

Update July 23, 2013
Cassandra's Ears – Silver Sheen (1988)

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Excerpts taken from the The Cassandra's Ears story CD. More info here.

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