30 Dec 2010

How minimal can you get? #29

The Four Plugs – Wrong Treatment + Biking Girl 7" (1979)
“The Four Plugs – Biking Girl (Disposable Records UK 1979) The subtle charm of marginal culture: Truly marginal culture where 1000 singles were pressed more than 22 years ago. How many got lost? How many are never being played? How many are stored in a box in the attic? How many are being played repeatedly on turntables that cost ten times as much as the recording and pressing of this given 45? 'She used to be my biking partner ? she used to be my biking girl. We used to go for rides in the country side'. A true punk rock/diy statement issued by the Damaged Goods people, who knew their Chesterton and Thomas Browne.” Johan Kugelberg

The Four Plugs – Biking Girl
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