3 Dec 2010

Our record label could be your life #2

Subterranean Records
San Francisco's first hardcore label, the US's first industrial label.

“Subterranean Records for me is one of the best examples of what a good quality independent label is all about. Take a look at their catalog: Z'ev, Flipper, Nervous Gender, Minimal Man, Chrome, Leather Nun, Dead Kennedys, Code of Honor, Fried Abortions, Wilma, Monte Cazazza, Factrix... Quite an odd assortment wouldn't you say? The thing that separates Subterranean I think from most of the others is the chances they take by releasing unusual, unproven artists who are different from the norm. (And I'm talking within an underground context). Let's face it. Safe is boring and different music and new ideas is where it's at, folks.” Suburban Relapse #11

“We're much more interested in experimental kinds of things – closer to street level kind of music, the kind of music being made by hordes of kids just picking up guitars and synthesizers and making music. It's modern urban folk music. It reflects people's daily experiences and how they live and have to try and cope with life in a nitty-gritty world.” Mike Fox & Steve Tupper

“Everybody's trying to figure out what's cool. Right now what's cool is what's dead. I wish people would stop worrying about what's cool and start trying to do things that are so new and challenging that they can't be ignored.” Mike Fox & Steve Tupper

The first three releases were:

Factrix – Night to Forget

Nervous Gender – Miscarriage

More info: Subterranean Records – An Uncompromising Vision of Luxury since 1979.

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