5 Jan 2011


DA – Dark Rooms (1981)

“Chicago is funny in that they have their ears focused intently on what the hell is happening in Britain while ignoring our own shores. DA is a classic example in that even before one side is over, you're muttering to yourself; now they sound like something I've heard before, if I could only place it. Trouble is, you do finally figure it out… only to realize that this town is full of technicians, who while they may be very competent, don't have an original idea among them. I'm almost embarrassed to say who they sound like, the resemblance is so clearcut. Alright I'll spill the beans, the band I'm refering to did a song called 'Happy House', which comes closes to what DA sounds like. A little like any of the unsteadily wailing cuts off of 'The Scream', if you happen to need more of a hint. DA sounds fine, recorded very well, very clean, but I just don't have an appetite for this kind blatant emulation.” Dave Stimson (Touch & Go #15)

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