6 Jan 2010

How minimal can you get? #9

The Magits – Fully Coherent 7" EP
“Nick and I were at the same secondary school together, Langleybury Comprehensive. And we met through a mutual friend also at the school, Martin 'Drooper' Cooper. This was when The Magits were formed, alongside another school friend, Alex Hawkes. I reckon this would have been in '78 or '79. We used to have the odd rehearsal around my parents' place, and by god we needed it! Musically, it was pretty shambolic and probably naive, but it was just exciting to be a part of the punk thing. I don't have any memories of Magit gigs, but that's not to say there weren't any…” Jon Greville

“Testament to the empowering qualities of punk rock, even a band as obscure as The Magits could immortalise themselves on vinyl; no longer was that a privilege the preserve of larger-than-life rock-stars… no, now anyone could release a record if they merely set their mind to it. Which the Magits duly did in 1979, with the four-track 'Fully Coherent' EP, for Nick's own Outer Himalayan Records, the rather disconcerting result. Anyone who has heard this perverse, meandering collection of keyboard torture will know that its song titles such as 'Fragmented' and 'Disjointed' are mischievously and knowingly apt.” Ian Glasper

The Magits – Disjointed
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