6 Jan 2010

The 100th post

ONECHORD ethos sumed up in two quotes and five songs

“What is now called punk may sound familiar, but too often the spirit has been replaced by rules – a kind of fundamentalism, even. The cartoony harder-core-than-thou crowd reminds me a little too much of Fonzie on Happy Days – they're as much fun to fuck with as Zeppelin and Skynyrd fans were way back then.” Jello Biafra

“Punk has become, to me, almost the status quo, so what I'm doing is challenging punk.” Matt Wobensmith

Flipper – Earthworm
Get it here.

Drunks With Guns – Wonderful Subdivision
Get it here.

My 3 Sons – Starving Artist
Get it here.

Siege – Grim Reaper
Get it here.

Cyanamid – Stop the World
Get it here, here and here.

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