6 Jan 2010

The Glaxo Babies

“In the Autumn of 1977 both Sounds and NME ran free Musicians Wanted ads. I placed an ad in both which read 'Musicans wanted to take over where the Velvet Underground left off.' It wasn't meant to be presumptuous. If I'd placed the same ad six or seven years later it would have attracted a bunch of Jesus & Mary Chain copyists. If I placed the same ad now, god knows who it would attract. People who want to make music for car ads perhaps. But in 1977 it was a way of attracting like minded individuals from those select few who knew, and cared, who the Velvet Underground were.” Rob Chapman

The Glaxo Babies

“We were fairly isolated from the 'scene' at first. We didn't really know anybody. Tom knew some of the Clifton crowd, an amiable Cortina or two, and later on when we got more 'accepted' it was nice to go round their houses after we got back from the pub. They all had trendy middle class parents, that Clifton lot, none of whom minded you skinning up in their pine kitchens. But initially we were outcasts and that was our strength. A rumour went round in the early days about all the warring and bitchy factions in the Bristol music scene. You know the sort of thing. 'What about band A?' 'Oh, they hate band B?' 'What about band C?' 'They hate band D'. 'What about the Gl*xo Babies' 'Oh, they hate everybody.' We didn't, we just didn't know anyone, but we were happy to indulge the myth. We weren't part of any clique. That's why we didn't sound like anybody else.” Rob Chapman

The Glaxo Babies – Christine Keeler

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