19 Dec 2007


“The songs were unlike anything that had come out of the punk scene yet. They alternated between lazier, folksier tunes, and little bursts of low-fi aggression, with the vocals also covering that range. What was remarkable about the lyrics, though it shouldn't have been, was how much of a woman's perspective they brought to the table in an utterly matter-of-fact way. The song 'Slut' was refreshing compared to the tired male punk songs of the same title, with the lyrics 'Where's my gratification?' repeated over and over throughout. For once, most of the lyrics of a punk band's songs were about everyday things seen through women's eyes.” George Hurchalla (Going Underground)

Scrawl in a promotional shot
“They were fantastic, taking everything you love about punk rock – loud, simple, exuberant – without all the stuff you hated about punk rock – too much angst / too self-righteous. They were hilarious and the songwriting was simple but extremely memorable. Sue Harshe (Scrawl)

Scrawl – Sad

By the way, Sue Harshe played bass in a hardcore band called No Amerika! before joining Scrawl. If you have any info, please get in touch.

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