9 Dec 2007

Skin Disease

“This was apparently Chumbawamba taking the piss out of Oi! in contributing 'I'm Thick' to Back On The Streets." Vernon Joynson (Up Yours!)

Skin Disease – I'm Thick


dongy ozmond said...

cheers for sharing!cockney rejects were a punk band anyhow,oi was later..ive always liked both bands early stuff.

jove moix said...

hi dongy ozmond,

glad to hear that! it's great to know you like both :) and yes, early stuff from these bands is amazing. i do have a soft spot for "flares n slippers" single and "pictures of" album.

by the way, do you run some project -blog, zine, whatever-? if so, it would be great to know about it :)

many thanks for your comments.

all the best,