24 Dec 2007

Jerk Ward

“Jerk Ward were four hyper teen agents hell-bent on igniting the most fleshstripping, bonebreaking early-80s style hardcore possible." Randy Long & Kev Smith (Jerk Ward)

Jerk Ward
“After watching the really crappy pogo-punk Sidney BC band 'the Commodes', Randy, Steve, and John started practicing in John's basement in downtown Sidney, because they knew they could do better! They played their first live show at the ages of 12-13 years old at the OAP Hall in September 1983 with Dischord recording artists Scream. Shortly after the first show Julian from East Sooke joined the band and played bass. With the help of the NEOS they learned how to tune their instruments and accelerate into the turbo Porsche of local hardcore.” KFTH

Jerk Ward – I Love The Girls

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