29 Aug 2014

How minimal can you get? #78

The Sterilles
“The Sterilles (Aan Leadingham, Dina Press-Price and Ashley Stewart) started out as an all-girl punk band and had a radio hit early on in their career with 'I'm on the Rag'. Poor management and bad business practices took away any profit from that experience.” Official site

The Sterilles On The Rag LP (Screaming Skull, 1987)

The Sterilles – Shopping
Endless thanks to Nathan for uploading the whole record back in the day.


Anonymous said...

Thank you for pointing this out to me (and others). A most delectable and interesting post.

(Another) Nathan


Thanks for the mention & kind words. I've re-uploaded this & it is available still.

Mr Fab said...

Can you re-post'shopping' pleeeeze?