16 Aug 2014

How minimal can you get? #76

Yeastie Girlz
“Yeastie Girlz (their name obviously a take-off on the Beastie Boys) were a short-lived feminist rap trio comprised of members Jane, Cammie, and Kate, hailing from the fertile punk scene of Gilman St. in Berkeley, San Francisco. The trio released a lone 7" single in 1988, Ovary Action (issued on the independent Lookout! label), which contained a total of ten songs (only one of which stretches past the two-minute mark); some sample titles being 'Sperm Brain,' 'Talkin' Shit,' 'Orgasm Addict,' and 'Fuck Yerself.' Besides their single, not much else was heard from Yeastie Girlz.” Greg Prato

Yeastie Girlz Ovary Action 7" (Lookout! Records, 1988)

Yeastie Girlz – FCC

More info here and here.

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