10 Sep 2012

How minimal can you get? #40

Animal Things
Animal Things was part [of] the early San Francisco Bay Area Punk Rock/Underground/Experimental music scene. They existed from late 1970's through mid to late 1980's. They now exist in cyberspace.Official website

Animal Things on tower at New Method, San Francisco. Joe Mama Nietzburg
They were the first official P.E.T Rock band; other notable P.E.T. Rock bands are Flipper and Church Police. P=Potentially E=Entertaining T=Torture.Dominique Leslie

P.E.T. Rock flyer
The ‘Red Spot’ compilation is from 1981, and it also happens to be the best representation of the great mixing of ‘art’ and ‘punk’ from this time. You get the Fried Abortions doing one-take proto-hardcore with ‘Joel Selvin’ (‘you're such a lively fart’, a brutal takedown of the ossified hippie culture still dominating local media) along with some of the early kings of artpunk in Minimal Man, the Wounds and the menacing Animal Things, who really should have produced their own full-length. Their track ‘Wanna Buy Some?’ is a simultaneously scathing and hilarious attack on the looming hard drugs scene and the over-worshipped New York no wave posse: ‘Wanna buy some fucking heroin, wanna buy some fucking dust… get the funk outta punk!’Sgt. Slaughter

Animal Things – Wanna Buy Some?

VA Red Spot LP (Subterranean Records, 1981)

Animal Things – It’s Dark in Here

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