4 Sep 2012

How minimal can you get? #39

Brain Damage 
In 1985, after the deaths of Harvey Milk and San Francisco Mayor Moscone and the infamous ‘Twinkie-defense’ trial of their assailant, Brain Damage rush-released their ‘Kill Dan White’ EP, which showcased a dizzying range of musical stylings. The spectacularly wheezy, garagey loopiness of ‘You're Not the One’ is our favorite… Chuck Warner

Brain Damage
I believe this was recorded in 1979. 4 tracks of male/female vocal sloppy artpunk, title track is great.Chris Renna

Brain Damage Kill Dan White Party 7" EP (More To Come Productions, 1985)
Brain Damage – You're Not The One
One more song here.

Any info related to Brain Damage would be greatly appreciated.


Nick Allison said...

Shear quality...or rather lack of quality!
Top tunes!

ONECHORD said...

Hi Nick,

Many thanks for your kind words and keep up the good work with your top notch blogs.

Best wishes,