21 May 2011

How minimal can you get? #34

Six Minute War – 33.3 EP (1980)
Six Minute War – More Short Songs EP (1980)
Six Minute War – Slightly Longer Songs 7" (1981)

“Six Minute War arrived on the scene a bit late (1980), exploring minimal lengths as well as minimal lyrics and instrumentation. It'd be a stretch to call them England's answer to the Urinals, but you get the concept: their 11-song debut (…) was called 33.3; the next was More Short Songs (though there were only 5 of them). Their 4-track swansong was (naturally) Slightly Longer Songs. After that a couple of them morphed into Fallout, and Rob Taylor later joined Andrew Beer in Concrete and 400 Blows.” Chuck Warner (Hyped to Death)

Six Minute War. Messthetics #107

“One fanzine gave us a right panning because we never looked 'punk' enough – Charlie, Steve and I all had long hair… Another review said 'I know appearances aren't supposed to matter but the singer is a fat Angus Young clone and the rest aren't much better.” Rob Taylor (Six Minute War)

Six Minute War – Camera
Get it here.

Six Minute War – Sell Out
Get it here.

Six Minute War – Weathermen
Get it here.

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