22 May 2011


Originally posted June 27, 2008
Hose was the first band by now legendary cult figure Rick Rubin. What got my attention was the fact that Rubin was a really huge Flipper fan, and also that both releases made by Hose were not so well known. Maybe were those records not so great? Was Hose just a bad copy of Flipper? I couldn't disagree more! Hose was great noisy artcore – or call it as you want – at its best. Because let's face it… how can you go wrong with slow bass intros and feedbacks?

 Rick Rubin

“A chubby NYU student from Long Island wearing tight leather pants and bullet belts, Rick was quick to throw dad's money around. His first Rock Biz foray – an uptown/downtown fusion gig with Heart Attack, Liquid Liquid and Treacherous Three at the Hotel Diplomat – was a total flop. Before he got involved with the Beasties, Rubin played in THE PRICKS and in HOSE – a funny Flipper-style act who'd do ultra-slow versions of Rick James' Superfreak and Black Sabbath's Sweet Leaf.” Steven Blush (American Hardcore)

Rick Rubin and Mike Espindle performing at Maxwells around 1985. The Mystical Beast

“Flipper was a conceptual art project masterminded by a group of (relatively) old San Francisco punk hippies. No doubt, the first few singles and the Generic Flipper LP are crucial records, among my favorites. And Hose desperately wanted to make records that sounded like Flipper. But Hose were an uncalculated, reckless and downright foolish band, just happy to be there, pissing off their neighbors. Flipper is smart, Hose is dumb. And dumb usually wins in rock.” James Barber (Reckless Country Soul)

“Released in the same year as their other record, but unlike on the 12", their NYC adaption of the Flipper sound works pretty well here. Mobo and Zoo are extremely noisy mid-tempo hardcore songs with really evil feedbacs, similar to Flipper but not as weird; Girls is a fast simple thrasher. Cool EP.” Burkhard Järisch (Flex! #3)

Hose – Only The Astronaut Knows The Truth

Hose – Mobo

More info: Where’s Your Bag? and Rick Rubin, The Early Years (bottom of the page).

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Last but no least, endless thanks to Rockin' Rex for being so extremely kind to send me the mp3 files and to Mike Cutlet for getting in touch.


michaelDUSTdevil said...

any chance of getting a link to the Mobo 7", i used to have it... & my band covered it on one of our lps...


michaelDUSTdevil said...

this is the lp we covered Mobo on:



Anonymous said...

Hey man, royalties? ;) Nice job on the cover.
--"irish" Mike Cutlet from Hose

onechord said...

dear mike,

so glad to receive a comment from you! gosh, and apologies for the crappy post about hose (no cover pictures, no band photos, and not so many info!).

got all the hose songs thanks to the rockin' rex blogsite, and the endless kindness of his creator!

by the way, what about doing a comp of both hose releases plus (maybe?) demos and lives? that would be lovely! and you deserve it of course!

last but not least, any chance to get some pictures of hose? can't find nothing about hose anywhere :(

very best wishes!

Virtual Virgin said...

Blimey! I think I should take this record out of the brown paper bag und listen to it. Thanks for reminding me.

Anonymous said...

Hey, sorry it took so frigging long to circle back...don't have any tapes from the days at all. Just some vinyl and MP3s I've gleaned just like you. There were some performance shots from a Maxwell's gig but they are now owned by a syndicate (i think Retna) who is quite efficient at getting them pulled down off any sites that post. Best of luck, man and thanks for the love!
--Irish Mike Cutlet

Anonymous said...

Just finished a facebook Hose page....some pix you may not have seen and some YouTube video-not-videos of mp3 you may already have.....
Irish Mike

ONECHORD said...

Great news!

Please, could you pass me the links as I can enjoy more Hose stuff?

Thanks for the info & for getting in touch!


Anonymous said...