15 May 2010

Support the scene and stand united!

Nah, just kidding… Here's an anti-Hardcore and Straight Edge parody post.

“You know me – there's nothing I like less than intolerant people, especially conservative Punks. Originally, every band sounded totally different. Nowadays it's been put into all these narrow parameters. A band picks a style, plays in nothing but that style, and puts the intelligent members of their audience to sleep. (…) in terms of independence and freedom quickly became such a formula and book of rules – how to dress, to sound, to act – it wasn't fun anymore. It was over and it was time to do something new.” Jello Biafra

“Most things needs criticism now and then, like most other subcultures in western society, punk has its own conformism which must be made fun of or even ridiculed if we are to be free individuals. Tons of kids with the right T-shirt or haircut doesn't mean much. Although it's fun to dress like your peers but differently from your parents. When I was in high school I was a hippy and dressed like others in my group. In the early 80's I still had long hair and punkers and new wavers will sneer at me. Now in the late 80's it's fashionable to have long hair again (in the punk world, not in mainstream society). I guess a lot of Bob’s lyrics were saying that we all look a certain way, but what's inside? What's your attitude? Punk and other rebellious movements have their silly sides and we attacked them.” Duff, Th’ Inbred [Read the full article here.]

“I thought bands who played straight-ahead Hardcore music missed the whole point. Playing Hardcore became like being in a Rockabilly band, aping a style that happened years ago. You're not creating anything original at all. The ritual became retarded.” King Koffee

Straight Edge glossary

“I had been listening to people sing about subjects as 'important' as scene unity, and beer drinking, and not drinking beer, and fighting each other, and friendship and vegetarianism. That shit made no sense to me. Why would I expend energy, time, and effort getting a band together to stand on a stage in front of 300 straight edge kids and say, 'This song is about straight edge' just to get a huge applause and a bunch of people jumping on stage to sing along? Nick and I wrote the lyrics and we wanted to have people read them and think. That's it, just think. Think about the shit going on around them. Think about the fact that all of this shit is happening and they 'Remain Sedate' because it is easier to just go see a band that tells them they are doing the right thing and everything will be okay.” Charles Maggio

Crucial Youth – Crucial Youth
Get it here.

Straight Youth – Positive Stand
Get it here.

Grudge – Cap'n Straightedge
Get it here.

Pleased Youth – I'd Rather Be An Asshole

Cyanamid – Support
Get it here.

Th'Inbred – Positive Song
Get it here.

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