15 May 2010

Maestros And Dipsos

“Dual female vocals weren't heard much outside of folk circles and so the sound of Debbie and Ashley's close harmonies was bound to be memorable. However, the band were always a little tentative, seemingly a bit uncomfortable with themselves and each other, especially on stage. Their strong point will always be the direct, confessional lyrics which made a marvellous change from the bluster that other bands produced. In songs like Inertia and the gorgeous Backslide, simple guitar and drums, strong bass, floating melodies and emotional text combine perfectly.” No Night Sweats 

Maestros And Dipsos. Photo: Anne Kay

Discovered this lovely band thanks to the Detailed Twang post back in the day, and since then, I've been wanting to hear more stuff by them. Recently, (thanks again for this, Camille!) I was lucky to know there are more Maestros and Dipsos songs floating around the internet. So, thought it would be nice to spread the word.

Maestros and Dipsos – Sex and Pelt
Get it here.