3 Oct 2009

Pink Dirt

“As far as inept, crazed joi de vivre goes? Here's the acme. I've written this one up before and will do it again. While this is obviously a straight-ahead angry punk rock band, the abandon and enthusiasm of this record could raise the dead. An angry rant against organized religion ('I have this to say tonight? Never, never get involved with christianity!') howled in a barely English Johnny Rotten-imitation by some Norwegian genius backed by shitrock more primitive than the first Endless Boogie rehearsal. There is no sleeve, no labels, just the legend 'Pink Dirt Hey Sir/Hooker' scrawled in magic marker. Who were these gods and why did they walk among us? Please email me if you know anything about the people behind this stunning art experience.” Johan Kugelberg

Pink Dirt – Hey Sir


Anonymous said...

some people are just irrelevant shit with religious values, especilally on social and medical areas but, like you, this is a personal opinion

Anonymous said...

This is the first and only single from this band; led by Atle Skift and with a revolving door behind him. He's recently reformed the band, they issued an album on CD-R through Svindel records. They still sound like they bought the instruments last week.

Issued in 1979 and often considered the first Norwegian punk single. (There are a couple of earlier candidates, but they're not proper punk, and musically, they're even worse.)