3 Oct 2009


This band was another great surprise from the Cake & Polka Parade, a really inspiring blog. The text below is the original written by Grego​ry Jacob​sen on his Damage post, plus a brief extract from an email I got from Damage's drummer after asking for more info about his band.

“Damage was a band out of Winterpark, Florida circa '84. They played hardcore music with synthesizers. Whereas Screamers and Nervous Gender were very inventive and threatening with their use of synths, Damage was extremely clunky and ineffectual… Which is why I love this record. Their screaming of generic punk lyrics over dry sine-waves farted out at the most most remedial level sounds like pure futile and infantile rage from a 13 year old.” Grego​ry Jacob​sen 

“In the 1980s, Damage performed in Florida and was definitely different when it came to Punk music during that time. We opened for Black Flag, JFA, and The Dead Kennedys + others. It was raw and even Jello, from DK spoke highly of Damage in his California punk scene newspaper in California. (...) All hard copy music was produced in extremely limited quantities. I have become a better drummer since then – That was the first band I was in…” Joe (Damage's drummer)

Damage Jay Walk 7" (Space Fish, 1984)

Damage – Jock Mentality

By the way, it would be really nice to listen to more Damage stuff (that Tennis Shoe Massacre Demo anyone?). If so, please get in touch.

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