13 Jun 2009

Spain is different

What happens when you live in a country under a dictatorship during almost forty years, where all seems to be grey and boring, and society is very conservative and traditionalist – but then the dictatorship is over and a relative new freedom era begins? Try to imagine this situation being a teen. And now try to imagine you suddenly learn about Punk, Electronic music, Industrial, Goth, Synth, Psychedelia, and Two Tone Ska at the same time. Too many new sounds to discover that blow up your mind!

Well, this is the feeling I get anytime I watch these videos of late 70s and early 80s Spanish bands. They just did whatever they wanted to do and didn't care about anything or anyone. Now, let's enjoy!

Siniestro Total – Mario Derribos Arias – Europa Ejecutivos Agresivos – Mari Pili Maria Morticia & Los Decrépitos – Vamos a contar murciélagos Lavabos Iturriaga – ? Glutamato Yeyé – Todos los negritos tienen hambre y frío La Caída de la Casa Usher – Insecto vivo, insecto muerto Metal & Ca – Automáticas

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