14 Jun 2009

Anarka And Poppy

Anarka And Poppy were created in Preston in late 1981 by “guitarist Sean Kirtley and vocalist Jane Mason, at the tender age of seventeen, originally as just a guitar/vocals duo.”

“The punk scene was pretty big in Preston about then. We tended to stick and work with the punks that had summat to say though, rather than with the poseurs. So, a good, co-operative, little ghetto was born in the heart of Preston; full of activity, never a dull moment, everyone was welcome… the 'other' punk bands all seemed to sound and look exactly like Discharge, and that was the more popular scene, to be honest. Jackets with studs on all that; fashionable cheese cloths, bum-flaps and bondage straps; we didn't look like that, so we never got too much attention from the 'hardcore'. We didn't really care though; they could all go to hell as far as we were concerned at that time. That was our general attitude.” Sean Kirtley 

Anarka And Poppy

“As for the worst gig we ever played? That was with New Model Army and Here And Now at the Bier Keller in Blackpool. We forgot that we needed our own drum kit and New Model Army wouldn't lend us theirs. We didn't like the idea of playing with them anyway, so it was off to a strange start from the beginning. Then when the bastards wouldn't lend us their drums, it turned into a right arse of a night. Someone eventually persuaded them, but it was like, 'For Christ's sake, you pricks! They're only bloody drums!' Here And Now were a sound bunch though, and they played an excellent set.” Sean Kirtley

Anarka And Poppy – P.O.P.P.I.E.S.
By the way, any chance to listen to the Take It For Life cassette?

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Excerpts and pic taken from The Day The Country Died book.

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