4 Apr 2009

Less is more: Thoughts on minimal Pt. I

OK, minimal is electronics. But not only that. Minimal is the Ramones playing 3-chord songs in all their records (and not caring at all) and singing Second verse, same as the first!; minimal is Pink Flag by Wire (Field Day for the Sundays is 25 seconds long); minimal is the Urinals' Another EP and Six Minute War's More Short Songs EP; minimal is the Puritan Guitars and their love for repetition; minimal is Rondos, Tändstickorshocks and all the whole amazingly great Wormerpunk scene; minimal is the harDCore and Dischord austerity attitude; minimal is the back-to-basics and primitive recording techniques by Beat Happening / K Records; minimal is Young Marble Giants and Marine Girls, too. So maybe minimal is an approach, a way of doing things, an attitude, more than a music style itself.

Anyway, this post was only an excuse to share with you three topnotch minimal jewels I can't stop listening to. Honestly, I'm Leaving by A.B.C. is one of the best songs ever done. And now, let's spread the word: Less is more!

Guerre Froide – Demain Berlin (France, 1981)

L'Aventure Imaginaire – One More Night (Deutschland, 1980)

Absolute Body Control – I'm Leaving (Belgium, 1981) 

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