22 Mar 2009


Narthex was a DIY/Punk duo from Philly formed by guitarist Mike Ace and drummer Dean Sabatino (better known as Dean Clean), who later went to play with the Dead Milkmen.

 Narthex (Mike & Dean)

If nothing else, we at least picked up the DIY inspiration and passed it along to a few more people, who have stories of their own to tell. We were all part of a unique episode in musical/cultural history. Rather than leaving it to the distortions of critics and corporations, those of us who participated should all be sharing our first-hand accounts. There's a million stories out there in the eternal city of vans and station wagons, soundchecks and set lists, beer puddles and all-night diners, tedious time-killing and those fleetingly fantastic moments onstage. Hopefully, everyone's story will be told and preserved somewhere out here in the digital stew. Mike Ace

Narthex – Frustration [Recorded in Narthex basement practise space, 1980–83]

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