4 Feb 2009


Vroammm! – Punks & Bullen United (Berlin, 1981)

So, did you think those Bullshit Detector compilation bands were amateurish? Ok, look at this video and tell me this is with no doubt the most badly, awfully and inept song ever played. But this is the reason why I consider this video so great and a true masterpiece in music history. It represents people finding their own voice and way of expression at its best.

Vroammmm! was formed by Mutfak, Thomas Zinke and legendary german underground musician Max Müller, who played in Honkas, in the huge influential act Campingsex (a favourite of mine), and with Mütter. By the way, his brother was Wolfgang Müller, who fronted the avantgarde band Die Tödliche Doris.


Anonymous said...

Haha. No doubt, they're in the same league as the mighty Abgas, early Germs (not the single but the live LP) and such. I like the message - Punks & Bullen (= cops) united!, far more deep and significative than millions of cheap slogans... Thanks!
Fernando :)

jove moix said...

Hi Fernando, thanks to you for the comment!
By the way, you have an email :)

Curious Guy said...

Hey Jove Moix, this blog uploaded the Nameless EP of Nuclear Crayons. I know you're still looking for it: