18 Jan 2009

Kate Fagan

This song by Kate Fagan has been on heavy rotation these days, and I think it is obscure enough to have a little bit of airplay. If I remember clearly, got this song via the great Cake & Polka Parade blog back in the day, but it seems nowadays the mp3 link is gone. So here you have the choice to listen to this little gem.

Kate Fagan was the lead singer of Heavy Manners, an early ska band from Chicago. They have reunited and you can see an early video of them here.

Kate Fagan – I Don't Wanna Be Too Cool


Anonymous said...

I was a total Heavy Manners/Kate Fagan groupie, back in the day. I didn't miss a Cubby Bear, Parkwest, or shit club performance that I can think of. (BTW, I photographed this cover. Kate, are you out there getting this?) Amy Rothblatt

jove moix said...

hi amy,

glad to know you were the photographer of this really great kate fagan cover! maybe you have more amazing pics? that would be really interesting to know!
and yes, i must admit "flamin first" is absolutely catchy and sooo addictive. plus they seemed decent blokes and down-to-earth people. great!!
btw, do you still have some memorabillia of that era (flyers, pics, covers, etc..) or you recommend other bands from chicago that you really liked?
many thanks for your comment.

best wishes,

Anonymous said...

Hi, Glad to see my song is still finding ears. Kate (fagank@rocketmail.com)

Anonymous said...

Just going through a box of records for the first time in quite a few years and came upon this record. I remember buying a handful of records on a trip to Chicago in 1980. I have a different cover with a self portrait. Great song.

ONECHORD said...


Wow, lucky you! Is there any chance to see the different cover with a self portrait? Really curious :)