5 Mar 2008


Today I received the Local Anesthetic CD compilation by Smooch Records, and it is simply amazing! It contains the complete story of this Denver label – based around the Wax Trax Records store – that helped to put out discs by now legendary bands like Defex, Bum Kon, White Trash, and (my personal favourites) Your Funeral and Frantix.


As for these lads, there was also a CD released in 2003 by Afterburn Records. Remember going nuts when I noticed about it, because at that time I was very curious for all bands with Flipper-esque references and noisy garage sounds. The songs compiled on the CD were from demo tapes and a live set recorded in 1983. By the way, anyone got their complete demo… or were there only four songs on it?

Frantix – FM Ear (Insane Tunnel Demo Tape, 1980)

Frantix – Vietnam (Duane Davis, 1983)


Anonymous said...

wow!just discovered your blog and i must say it's fucking amazing!at last a person with a good taste.frantix are insane!pure trashy rock'n'roll!
keep up the good music coming!!

jove moix said...


many thanks for your very kind words.

and glad to see you also like frantix, a really great band!

by the way, do you also run some blog or have any project going on? it would be nice to know more about you and your interests :)

if you look for great, obscure and diverse music, please just take a look at the blogs list. all of them are pretty amazing!

take care and thanks for your soo mice words.

all the best,

Anonymous said...

ok, you might like these:

get it here:

jove moix said...

yep, they were a great band, and i really like that compilation as well. a friend of mine was lucky to get that vinyl, along with the deaf club comp and thanks to him i was able to listen to all these amazing bands.
i admit i have a soft spot for uxa songs :)

take care and great blog! shame it doesn't go on..