31 Mar 2008


“The ever-mysterious Culturcide started the same way as a lot of other D.I.Y.-era bands: by having their minds blown by Throbbing Gristle. Houston's Perry Webb and Jim Crane (who knew how to put out records) did the first single with later Culturcide regular Dan Workman, then Really Red's C.I.A. label released their classic? Year One LP (a completely re-mastered reissue is still in-the-works…). They moved to New Orleans where they started working on the (completely different) material that became their hit Tacky Souvenirs LP. And somehow most of Year One came out in Australia on a split LP with Hiroshima Chair (Tom Ellard's band pre-Severed Heads).” Chuck Warner (Hyped to Death)

Culturcide poster

The first time I heard about Culturcide was thanks to Idle Time, a great website focused on the Austin old punk scene. It was created by Dixon Coulbourn – who passed away few years ago.

Culturcide – Death Speaks (Gut Level One: A Compilation V/A Cassette)

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