18 Jun 2016

Bedroom pop gems

Vain Aims You 7" (We Practise In A Garage Records, 1980)

Vain Aims – Count

The Portage Thirteen; Thirteen 12" (Valis, 1989)

The Portage – Sin
Get it here.

VA Dennis Tape (Greenwich Performance Collective, 1984)

Climbing Frames – The Pick Up
Get it here.

Endless thanks to J at rhythm plague for being a constant source of inspiration. Hats off!


Holly said...

You and Rhythm Plague both inspire my complete adoration - there *are* a few of us out here who still care, sadly I don't share that sentiment as often as I should due to vagaries in my own life, but you ARE much appreciated. Thank you. :-)

Anonymous said...

The Climbing Frames was Linda Marshall (vcls), Steve Braiden (gtr/kybd), Steve "Omo" O'Melia (bs/kybd), Ian Long (bs/gtr/drum machine) and Tim (sorry forgotten his surname)(gtr). We formed at Thames Poly in Woolwich and played a handful of gigs around south east London in 1983. We recorded this (which Steve wrote) along with 2 others (Ian's "Bears And Rabbits" and "Nuns" by Tim) in a studio in Brixton on 5th May 1983. We also included a cover of Trains and Boats and Planes in our live set.
Steve went on to form The Love Act and Ian formed You Pesky Kids and later Hectic Brothers who also played gigs for the GPC (later SELMC)and 4 O'clock Planes (who didn't) but I'm afraid I don't know what happened to anyone else.

ONECHORD said...


First off, apologies for this silence of mine in replying to your comment. As you might notice, the blog is currently in a permanent hiatus.

Endless gratitude for all the info related to the Climbing Frames. If there is a way I can contact you other than using comments on the blog, I would very much appreciate it.

With gratitude,
Ed Onechord