15 Aug 2015

How minimal can you get? #99


Chemotherapy (Live at Carmel High School Cafeteria, IN 1983)

“Sounds like these guys try to play speedcore on handmade instruments; really weird. Sounds like a horrible parody of the first DRI EP. Cult or trash?“ Burkhard Jaerisch

“Totally crude and psychotic garage stuff here. They've got amazingly primitive drumming, raw guitars, and lots of super-short outbursts of madness called songs. A delight for Neos and early Half-Japanese fanatics.” Tim Yohannan (Maximum Rocknroll #9)

“Lack of proficiency in playing instruments would be a deterrent in just about any musical genre but it is exactly this 'weakness' that elevates the seven-inch to Dadaist improvisational levels, something I'm pretty sure Chemotherapy wasn't consciously aware of at the time.” Freddy Alva

Chemotherapy s/t 7" (Uprising Records, 1983)

Chemotherapy – Smart, Tough, And Catholic
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“So if you enjoy music that was obviously put together in a matter of hours and sounds like the band recorded it with a Walkman whilst they were falling down a very long flight of stairs then this is for you!” Punk & Hardcore Record Sleeves

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Judas Vigilante said...

For me the link to the Chemo 7" isn't working. Any clues? Great link to the vid. Amazing piece of hardcore history.