21 Jun 2015

Reflections on war and violence

“War is the truest expression of the state, and its most powerful reinforcement. Just as capitalism must create artificial needs for its increasingly superfluous commodities, the state must continually create artificial conflicts of interest requiring its violent intervention. The fact that the state incidentally provides a few 'social services' merely camouflages its fundamental nature as a protection racket. When two states go to war the net result is as if each state had made war on its own people — who are then taxed to pay for it.” Ken Knabb

The Proletariat Distortion Cassette (1982)

The Proletariat – Splendid Wars

“(…) the word violence comes from the Latin violare and etymologically means violation. Strictly speaking, to act violently means to treat others without respect… A violent revolution is therefore unlikely to bring about any fundamental change in human relations… Given the anarchists' respect for the sovereignty of the individual, in the long run it is nonviolence and not violence which is implied by anarchist values.” Peter Marshall

Rondos Red Attack LP (King Kong Records,  1980)

Rondos – Peacedilemma
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“It is true that many forms of violent struggle, such as terrorism or minority coups, are inconsistent with the sort of open, participatory organization required to create a genuinely liberated global society. An antihierarchical revolution can only be carried out by the people as a whole, not by some group supposedly acting on their behalf; and such an overwhelming majority would have no need for violence except to neutralize any pockets of the ruling minority that may violently try to hold on to their power. But any significant social change inevitably involves some violence. It would seem more sensible to admit this fact, and simply strive to minimize violence as far as possible.” Ken Knabb

The Apostles‎ Smash The Spectacle! EP (Mortarhate Records, 1985)

The Apostles – Anarchy, Peace & Freedom

“Violence is what the police use. It's what the state uses. If we want a revolution, it's because we want a better world, because we think we have a bigger imagination, a more beautiful vision. So we're not violent; we're not like them in crucial ways.” Rebecca Solnit

“As always, war, when not civil, only freezes the process of social revolution.” S.I.

Covered Wagon Musicians We Say No To Your War! LP (Paredon, 1972)

Covered Wagon Musicians – We Say No To Your War!
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For further information, please do not hesitate to watch David Zeiger's Sir! No Sir documentary.

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