18 Oct 2014

How minimal can you get? #88

Lois Maffeo (The Go-Team / Courtney Love / Lois)
“I actually bought a guitar because I thought it was pretty and then after I had it for a while, I figured, 'Oh, I guess I have this thing, I might as well learn how to play it.' A friend that knew how to play gave me chord diagrams. There was a really famous punk poster from England and it might have been for the Damned, I'm not really sure, but it shows three chords, G, A and D and says 'Here's three chords, now start a band.' I kind of used that as my inspiration.” Lois Maffeo

“Simplicity in my own music-making is kind of a demand in the sense that I'm not really a gifted guitar player. I'm also not that keen on becoming great, I just feel proficient for what I do. Maybe that sounds like a cop-out, but even if I tried to play covers of other people's songs, I couldn't. I just make up my own chords. So to me, simplicity is a necessity.” Lois Maffeo

The Go Team Archer Come Sparrow Cassette (K, 1989)

The Go-Team (featuring Lois Maffeo) – My Head Hurts
Get it here.

Courtney Love Uncrushworthy 7" (K, 1990)

Courtney Love – Uncrushworthy
Get it here.

Lois Butterfly Kiss LP (K, 1992)

Lois – Spray
Endless thanks, again, to Nathan.

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