23 Apr 2014

How minimal can you get? #74

Chris Knox
“When punk rock exploded, Knox was already a good bit older than its target market, so he was able to absorb what it really stood for — do-it-yourself authenticity, not spiky hair and Dr Martens boots.” Gary Steel

“It’s hard to imagine in the 21st century, with every other musician working from their home studio, but in 1979 there was only one way to record an album: In the often oppressive environment of a 'real' studio. It cost a bundle of cash, and an inexperienced group had to do everything the producer and engineer told them to do. It was an atrophied situation with the wrong hands holding all the power. Knox — with the help of Doug Hood and a few others — changed all that, when he took a 4-track recorder down to the South Island to get their essence on the go. Roger Shepherd formed a record company around the results of those recordings, Flying Nun, and the rest is history.”

Chris Knox – Face Of Fashion

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