30 Mar 2014

How minimal can you get? #71

Jeffrey Lewis
“Born Jeffrey Lightning Lewis in New York City, November 1975, Jeff grew up with loving beatnik parents in an East 9th St tenement. Having no television in the household, young Jeff became a comic book fanatic before he even knew how to read. His brother Jack was born in 1980. After graduating New York State University at Purchase in 1997 (with a Literature degree and a senior thesis written on the comic book Watchmen) Jeff spent the lonely winter of 97–98 starving in a 150$ a month illegal co-op sublet, listening to lots of scratchy Pearls Before Swine and Donovan records, and making up some musically minimalist songs on an old guitar belonging to his dad.Antifolk Online

Jeffrey Lewis with Jack Lewis and Anders Griffen It's The Ones Who've Cracked That The Light Shines Through CD (Rough Trade, 2003)

Jeffrey Lewis ‎– I Saw A Hippie Girl On 8th Ave

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